first impression: w3ll people narcissist foundation stick πŸ’‹ (cf)

FullSizeRender (23)

Price: $28.99 at, $11.99 for a mini size
ShadeΒ range: 1 pale, 2 fair, 2 medium, 2 dark
Skin type: Any
Rating: 4/5


Somehow, as huge of a foundation lover as I am, this is the first stick foundation I’ve ever tried! And after trying out the W3ll People Realist Invisible Setting Powder, I’ve been stalking the W3ll People website, waiting for this foundation to come back in stock! This foundation has recently undergone a reboot, so I can’t say anything about its previous iteration, but I’ve tried the new formula and can definitely say I love it!

…for a foundation stick.

One of the biggest appeals of stick foundations is that they’re portable and perfect for lightweight coverage… and I almost never want lightweight coverage. I have chronic acne scarring that somehow repels even concealer, so anything that looks “natural” usually means it doesn’t give me enough coverage. Still, I don’t want to be a cake face every day, and most days recently I just don’tΒ feel like doing my makeup… But I also don’t want to scare everyone with my jawful of acne scars.

Enter, this foundation! I got it in shade 2, Fair Golden, and it fits me perfectly. Application is super simple β€” I just swiped the product all over my face, then blended it in with a foundation brush. It was a bit difficult to buff out, but I assume this is an issue with any foundation stick, and with a little elbow grease, it totally melted into my skin! It evened out my skin tone β€” it didn’t cover my acne scarring that well, but I didn’t expect it to β€” and somehow… I can barely see it! If you want aΒ true no-foundation look, I would absolutely recommend this. It looks just like my skin but better β€” and it took me 30 seconds to apply!

My typical oiliness reared its ugly head around lunchtime, but that’s totally normal for me even with the most expensive, oily skin-specific foundations. A little blotting and I was good to go β€” so if you’re all about a natural look for the summertime, I would recommend this a thousand percent!

Unfortunately, as it seems to be with W3ll People, they’re not great at keeping things in stock. If, however, you’re able to find your shade, I would hands-down recommend snagging this and stowing it in your purse. You won’t regret it.


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