petit vour april box! 🌧🌷

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Long time, no see! Petit Vour just shipped out its April box β€” can you believe it’s been a month already? β€” and I’m super excited to share this month’s finds with you all.

The April box introduced me to a bunch of new brands and contains a decent varietyΒ of products. Which ones are you loving?

French Girl Organics Cuticle Oil: $20 at FrenchGirlOrganics (cf+v) 🌱
Truth be told, I’m a little (a lot) picky about my nails. They must be perfectly polished and uncompromisingly even. Unfortunately, I have a bit of a skin-picking disorder, and my cuticles tend to end up very busted, very fast. I typically use hand lotion and lots of Neosporin to keep them in line, but a dedicated cuticle oil is something I’ve been on the hunt for. This oil by French Girl Organics is super convenient and dispenses as a roller ball β€” thankΒ goodness! The roller ball dispenses just the right amount of product and smells perfectly yummy, too.

Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen: $45 at (cf+v) 🌱
I’m pretty lazy about my sunscreen, in all honesty. I’m not an outdoors person and sunscreen is just another step in my routine. Still, I’m always on the lookout for awesome, cruelty-free products, and was excited to see this product in my box. (Petit Vour even got my shade right! How did they know?) This is a lovely tinted sunscreen (SPF 30) that comes in a super-convenient tube and goes on nice and sheer. The coverage is minimal but glowy, and would function well as an everyday, no-makeup look.

MarieNatie Love Marie Lip Gloss: $18 at (cf+v) 🌱
I’m not a fan of lip gloss and haven’t been since the year 2000. Yet, with MarieNatie’s packaging looking eerily similar to Tarte’s Tarteist liquid lipsticks, I was hopeful. This lipgloss smells like buttercream icing (!!) and goes on in a sheer wash of color. The shade Tickled is a bit too pink for me, but this is definitely a product I would recommend to gals who like glossy lips. Overall, this product was kind of a bust for me, but I’m super excited to try out some of MarieNatie’s gorgeous pressed eyeshadows!

Nubian Heritage Patchouli & Buriti Body Lotion: $12.99 at (cf+v) 🌱
Who can say no to patchouli? I’ve always been a fan of Nubian Heritage’s unique scents, and this one is earthy and lovely. The teeny bottle makes it perfect for stowing in your purse, and the scent is just powerful enough to not need perfume. My only gripe with this product is that it’s pretty thick and hard to rub in, but that just means I’ll save it for especially dry, course areas β€” like my feet. 😱


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