habit cosmetics: prairie 💅🏼 (cf+v)


Price: $18 at habitcosmetics.com
Rating: 5/5 (in other words, you need to check out this brand now)


Habit is a brand worthy of attention from both the nail polish junkie (such as myself) and those who don’t mind spending a bit more money for some truly unique colors. From using recyclable packaging and a bamboo (not plastic!) overcaps, to being cruelty-free and vegan, this polish line is a dream.

I’m wearing Prairie this week in honor of the first day of spring. Habit’s website describes the color as “a soothing, sage creme green,” and I couldn’t describe it better. It’s a deep, robin’s egg blue that errs on the side of green and would look absolutely amazing on all skin tones.

The polish itself goes on fully opaque in two coats with super easy application. The bamboo overcap is a bit awkward (the edges are sharp and can be uncomfortable to grip), but once you figure it out, you’re totally square.

There will be plenty more Habit reviews on this site in the coming months. Let’s just say I “accidentally” bought a ton. 🌟

Similar shades: “Turquoise Tiara” by Pacifica ($9), “All Decked Out” by Ginger+Liz ($12), “Emerald City” by SpaRitual ($12)


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